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Give in Celebration

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Give in Celebration

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Raise money celebrating a special occasion (or a special person). Dedicate your birthday, wedding or any other special occasion (including on behalf of a loved one) to Cruelty Free International. Set up a special celebration fundraising page and ask for donations. You can do this via Facebook or JustGiving links below.

Here are some tips to make the most of your fundraising efforts:

1. Give yourself a goal and your friends and family will help you to get there

2. Spread the word and share it on your social media platforms, or even just in general conversation!

3. Don’t forget to ask work colleagues, occasionally some companies and organisations might even consider matching your donations 1 for 1!

4. If it’s a big occasion, make sure to give people warning. For example, put it on your birthday or wedding invites

5. Make it a joint occasion, partner with someone else and see if they want to fundraise too

6. Theme it out – challenge others with a fundraising activity like those here, or make your occasion bunny-themed!

7. Have fun!

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Download our latest resources and find out how to make your fundraising pawesome.

Set yourself a challenge

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Whether it’s running a marathon, abseiling down a building or challenging yourself to walk with your companion animal for an hour a day for a year, if you want to go the extra mile for animals we’re right behind you every step of the way!